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We adapt our production
to the needs of our customers

montaje tarjetas electronicas

Guaranteed quality, full service
and adapted to each client


We design and manufacture electronic cards for different sectors. We have a line of manufacturing specializing in the assembly of cards SMD. Our facilities allow a fast and personalized attention.
This service adapts to any phase of the production process, from the study of the viability of the project, through the design of the electronic schemas and the PCB, or simply perform the last phase of the process, the montage of the cards.
Based on the needs of our customers we adapt to your requirements.
This service allows both SMD mounting and conventional, single or double sided.

  • Prototypes , short and intermediate series.
  • Assembly, with or without provision of components .
  • Programming and assembly .
  • Delivery times tailored to your production and needs .

We carry out verification tests following current regulations to guarantee the quality of our cards.



Automatic line to carry out any type of SMD assembly on one or two sides. This line is suitable for prototypes, short series and long series.

  • Reduces the number of incidents that can arise during assembly.
  • Allows for higher component density per PCB area.
  • Allows a reduction in dimensions and weight.


Complete selective welding line that allows the welding process to be carried out automatically.

  • Generates an increase in quality in the final product.
  • Reduces failures caused by human errors.
  • Make a uniform weld


1. Charger + automatic screen printing

The machine and materials are prepared to begin the process. The circuits are mounted on the charger that automatically supplies cards.

The process continues in the automatic screen printing machine, which provides the necessary amount of tin paste to each plate.

2. Pick & Place

This machine is responsible for assembling the components on the cards.

It supports almost any variety and size of components on the market. Allows reel, stick and tray formats.

3. Welding oven + unloader

After the component assembly process, the cards are introduced into the remelting oven. This oven is made up of 14 forced air convection zones and a cooling zone.

The oven allows “Lead Free” welding to comply with the RoHS Regulations.

4. Complete selective welding line

Latest generation line with 3 zones:

  • Fluxer.
  • Preheating.
  • Welding.

High quality and maximum precision results, reducing possible errors caused by manual processes.


Screen printing | Pick & Place | Reflow Oven | 100% Lead Free